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Human Resource Management and Payroll System

Our HR and Payroll System offers fully integrated functionality enabling HR and payroll departments to access, process, operate, study and manage all aspects along with reporting, organizational information and employee’s infomation that would help managers to gain a clear view on organization’s resources.

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Facilities Provided By the System

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User Friendly UIs

The system is developed on a web-based platform so that any user who is familiar with browsing the internet can be easily trained to work with the system.

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The system is based on internet based technologies, so it can be used from anywhere in the world.

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Drop Down Lists

Key data that are used commonly in records are stored in master files and picked using drop-down lists and search boxes so the data stays consistent and easy to manipulate.

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Reporting Tools

Reports are provided with facilities to sort and search so that they are more interactive to the user than standard printouts.

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Backup & Reliability

The web servers are maintained on raid servers with mirroring and hourly backups, and failover is implemented in the server side. Therefore, it is much more reliable than an in-house PC.

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System Provides User accounts with different access levels for manages and staff. Also have 2FA OTP user access control system for extra security

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Platform Independency

The system does not need a special installation in the client computer. The system can be accessed using any web browser software such as, Internet explorer, Firefox etc.

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Open Software Platform

The system is implemented on Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL (LAMP) Platform with is open platform that doesn’t have any proprietary royalty fees.




As the backbone of your HR Management System, this module enables you to effectively handle fundamental personal tasks

  • Recruit employees into different categories.
  • Manage Permenant, contract , temporary and daily paid emplyees.
  • Assign employees to immediate manages supervisors.
  • Employees salaries allowance and aplicable incentives.
How Does the Attendance Management System Help the Employees
How Does the Attendance Management System Help the Employees




Easily capture time and attendance data for accurate payroll processing along with leave or time-off reports. This module can integrate with finger print, face recognition or access control bio metric machines.

  • Connect with biometric (fingerprint/face recognition /access control ) devices.
  • Set office hours , start time , half day time etc.
  • Automatic emplyee attendance Register.
  • Daily monthly and annual attendance reports.




Manage leave rules based on organization & standard policies.

  • Manage Leave types and entitle days for different leave categories.
  • Employee leave applications ( self & manual ).
  • setup company weekly/yearly working days and holidays.
  • Automatic leave processing based on attendance sata.
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With Our payroll system, you can calculate employee’s salary faster and reduce the cost on manual payroll system.

  • Automatic salary processing.
  • Generate pay slips.
  • Manage allowance and other payments
  • Manage hourly rates for temporary employees.




Set of Reports & Dashboards that power your business intelligence. comprise of several features that allow you to make the most of your data to generate business insights for your organization.

  • Attendance reports.
  • Late coming and Early leave reports.
  • Attendance report by employee.
  • Attendance summary reports.
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Manage all settings and configurations of system.

  • Manage company information.
  • Manage employee master job titles  , departments & employment status .
  • Manage Master skills , certifications & education catogeries.
  • Manage module and  fuction permission for each user .
  • Manage module/function permission for each user.
  • Manage Events &Annoucements with Alerts .
  • Control attendence, leave, payroll & system settings .
  • System log for audit trails .




Integrate time attendance system of  HR payroll system with Bio metric devices like finger print , face recognition and door access control. Can work as both Off line(file uploads)  and real time methods.

  • Manage employee attendance data from Fingerprint Machines.
  • Process attendance data online.
  • Manage employee attendance data from Face Recognition devices.
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  • Advance shift/roster module to manage shifts.
  • Auto /manual allocation of employees to multiple shifts .
  • provision to change/approve roster by Manger/ Supervisor/ HR.
  • Alert employee IN/OUT to Manager/ Supervisor/ HR based on attendance rules and biometric information .





  • Apply leave by the employee.
  • View leave approval status.
  • View leave balance.
  • Recieve salary slips.
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Manage your visitor access and provide pre approvals for appointments.  Can manage regular visits by contractors, suppliers, vendors etc.. using  approvals for a given period with allowed personal details. Can integrate with door access control, finger print and face recognition machines.

  • User friendly web based solution with android and mobile app.
  • Complete guest access request management .
  • Availability from any location.
  • Customers and Guests can request access by their own.




Use project management tool with HR and Payroll.
  • Assign projects to employees.
  • Manage team projects and tasks.
  • track project man hours for new developments, modifications and error/bug fixing.
  • Reports and Dashboards.
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