Human Resources and Payroll systems offers fully integrated functionality enabling HR and payroll departments to access, process, operate, study and manage all aspects along with reporting, organizational information and employee’s infomation that would help managers to gain a clear view on organization’s resources.
  •  Employee Management

    • Add Edit Employee Details

    • Add Salary and Other Allowances to Employees

    • Add Edit Salary Grade, Job Type, Department

    • Create Tags/ID’s of Employee

  •  Leave Management

    • Leave Register to Manage Allowed Leave for Each Employee

    • Leave Application

    • View and Edit Leave

    • Manage Leave Types

  •  Administration

    • Company Structure

    • Job Titles

    • Work Sections

    • Monthly Entries

    • User Management

  • Manage Employee Payments

    • Manage Advance Payments

    • Manage Employee Loans

    • Manage Festival Payments

  • Attendance Management

    • Upload Clock Data

    • View and Edit Attendance Register

    • Manage OT by Date Rage

    • Mange OT by Employee

  •  Payroll

    • Salary Calculations

    • Employee Pay Slips

    • Pay Sheet

    • Summary Report

    • Bank EPF Report

    • EPF Report

    • ETF Report

    • Month End Reports

  •  Reports

    • Leave Reports

    • Attendance Report

    • OT report



  • Staff is considered as employees.

Payroll Manager

  • Collects and performs payroll activities

HR Manager

  • Manage necessary HR modules.

Director and other Management

  • Reports and other Dash boards

Facilities Provided By the System

User Facilities

User Friendly Interfaces

The system is developed on a web-based platform so that any user who is familiar with browsing the internet can be easily trained to work with the system.

Drop Down Lists

Key data that are used commonly in records are stored in master files and picked using dropdown lists and search boxes so the data stays consistent and easy to manipulate.

Reporting Tools

Reports are provided with facilities to sort and search so that they are more interactive to the user than standard printouts.


The system is based on internet based technologies so that it can be used from anywhere in the world.

Technological Facilities


System Provides User accounts with different access levels for manages and staff.


The system provides a backup so you can manually maintain backup schedules for the system to prevent damages due to unpredictable circumstances.


The web servers are maintained on raid servers with mirroring and hourly backups, and failover are implemented in the server side. Therefore, it is much more reliable than an in-house PC.

Open Software Platform

The system is implemented on Linux, Apache, PHP and MySql (LAMP) Platform with is open platform that doesn’t have any proprietary royalty fees. Therefore, the system does not include extra costs incurred due to licensing.

Platform Independency

The system does not need a special installation in the client computer. The system can be accessed using any web browser software such as, Internet explorer, Firefox etc.