Guest Access Management

  • User friendly web based solution with Android mobile app.
  • Complete guest access request management.
    Availability from any location.
  • Customers and guests can request access by their own.
  • Include device types, personal information for access approval
    Multiple Approval Levels.
  • Track each request process from the start.
  • Comprehensive reports.
  • Receive alerts on various requests/approval and changes.
  • Easy to modify and re request.
  • Provide comments and instructions to each process.
  • Roll based access to control system access.
  • Manage multiple sites access from a single location.
For data centers who needs secure access .
Organization who needs to manage their guest access.
Organizations that needs to allow people for certain period of time only.
Organizations who needs to control devices for security areas.
For vehicle and personal access pre approval requirements.
Any other guest/visitor access control requirements.