Employee Management

As the backbone of your HR Management System, this module enables you to effectively handle fundamental personal tasks
  1. Recruit employees into different categories
  2. Include employees into departments, branches, sections and positions
    Manage Permanent, contract, temporary and daily paid employees.
  3. Assign employees to immediate manages supervisors
  4. Manage employee Personal Information
    Employee salaries allowances and applicable incentives.
  5. Manage employees educational/professional/sports and related details.
  6. Manage Employee Personal Files (qualifications and experience)
    Upload employee photos.
  7. Manage employees bank details.
  8. Manage employee evaluations and increments.
  9. View employee history during the stay.
  10. Manage employee retirements, terminations.
    View Active/ inactive, terminated & to be confirm employees
    Birthdays and other special events.
  11. Print ID cards & Issue NFC/Barcodes.
  12. Generate HR letters with customizable templates – Advance HR
    Manage employee Assets – Advance HR
    Employee Performance evaluation forms – Advance HR
    Upload and Manage Employee scanned Documents – Advance HR
    Reports and dashboards.
  13. Manage Employee assets – Advance payroll