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Who We Are

EArrow Pvt Ltd is a software development company founded in 2005 with the aim of supplying high quality software products and services worldwide. It has provided ERP, HR Payroll and other application software for telecom, financial, industrial and enterprise markets.

We have over 150 satisfied customers using our products all over the world.

Our Open source solutions can be easily configured to meet the requirements of any business and we have made some mission critical software in the fields of  Sales, Marketing, Human Resources Management, manufacturing and telecommunication successfully. We believe that there is no assignment that we cannot carry out in the fields of IT & Internet Technologies, and we have proved this within a very short period of time




Harness the latest and the best technological innovations to provide our customers with unmatched Web based software solutions and a superlative personalized service with care that will be the hallmark of our establishment.



To be a leader in providing affordable innovative Web based software solutions and to be the world’s local web design company.


Management Team

Adheesha Salpitikorala

Chief Executive Officer

28 years of corporate experience locally & internationally in the banking & finance & IT industry. Served in several local banks & Barclays Bank UK Middle East & Africa as an Assistant Vice President.

Holder of an MBA from University of Wales UK.

Rajeew S. Perera

Chief Operating Officer

03 decades of experience in the telecommunication & networking serving for several multinationals locally & internationally.

License holder & a certified network engineer for TMF, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, Symantec & Suns.

Janaka Angulugaha

Consultant Technology

03 decades of experience in the telecommunication & networking serving for several multinationals & the pioneer member of Lanka Internet the company instrumental in introducing Internet Services to Sri Lanka . He is also a founder of eArrow in 2005.

Dhammika Gunawardena

Chief Technology Officer

25+ years of ICT experience in local and foreign organizations. He has been playing leading technical positions in ISP, Telco, Software and System Integration businesses with special emphasis on FOSS, Networking, Security and Compliance. He holds a BSc (Eng) degree from University of Moratuwa

Lasantha Haputhanthrige

Director Business Development

Senior Sales and Business Development Professional with 22 years in IT and Apparel industry. He Served in numerous operations and business development roles, including Director and CEO. Holds a Bachelor from Northwood University (USA) and MABE from ABE (UK).

Dhanushka Weerasinghe

Director HR & Admin

21 years of experience in secretarial & operational management in many of the top conglomerates in the country having served as the PA to the chairman or the board of directors.

Held the position of the CEO position of a leading Premium Transport provider in Sri Lanka.